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Have Kung-Fu Fun

This side-scrolling plat former has two main characters; one is the Panda who begins by getting training from Kung- Fu master Shifu and Tai Lung who escapes from the prison to find the golden scroll. There are ten levels in the game. So, while in few the Panda fights through the obstacles while collecting the ‘Paws of Power’. Tai lung, the master of a thousand scrolls of Kung Fu, fights the rhino guards to get out of the prison, collecting. The panda also gets to eat dumplings to fulfill his hunger and maintain health. On the other hand Tai Lung needs to collect ‘Paws of Power’ and scrolls to maintain its life.

The controls are simple; the d-pad arrow keys are for movement and the center key for attack. The trick is to evade basting fires and plunging spikes to get to the scroll. All the paws of power need to be collected in order to open the other character to play. One has to complete the level while keeping in mind the lifeline status. Secondly one gets only 3 extra lives in a game. But the good thing is that if you loose a life you don’t have to start all over again as the game gets automatically saved in between.

Apart from the usual fighting and collecting scrolls one also gets some special levels where a particular object needs to be collected and fight some more characters in order to get to the final fight here Panda and Tai Lung fight for the dragon scroll. As far as the game play is concerned, the levels are easy and will hook you till you finish the game. However the last fight does require bit of skills and if you don’t play through the game you pretty much develop them.

While the animation and effects are commendable the background score more or less remains the same. We can easily say that even if you have not watched the movie you will definitely enjoy this game. Its simplicity combined with the deadly cuteness of our dear Panda will definitely keep you occupied until the game is finished. However, this also means that the game is pretty short and can be completed quickly.

My Impression: go ahead and enjoy all the Kung-Fu fun!

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8 Ball Pool – How To Be More Productive

Defeat your opponent in seconds – 8 ball pool

In the last few decades, mobile games have experienced many changes. Earlier we were playing basic games on the mobile like chess, checkers etc. At present with the advancement of technology is mobile industry lots of progress has been done in entertainment through mobile gaming. They are not just a part of the entertainment but you can also learn lots of things which are really helpful in the real world as well. Playing 8 ball pool game on your mobile is also an example of this where you can actually learn so many things and can impress your friend circle with your knowledge. The one advantage that you get in the case of mobile game is tips and tricks. With the help of tips and tricks, you can move fast in the gaming world. You can also use 8 ball mobile hack tool which is an online generator to get the game money. This will also save your real world money and you can enjoy almost all the features which a paid member too.

You can easily enjoy 8 ball pool on your mobile phone with Android OS. There is nothing more interesting that playing this game with your friends and family members. You can collect the gaming money which is available in the form of coins by winning in the challenges. In addition, there are lots of interesting rewards like trophies and other exclusive items. In case you are ready to pay the real world money you can also buy all these things from the Pool Shop. There are more rewards for playing games at higher ranked leveled matches.


Short tricks – 8 Ball Pool

You must not hesitate to benchmark your skills at higher level tournaments. This will give you more exposure and comparatively there are more rewarding points.

You must have good control on your hits in order to score well. This requires strong grip on the cue ball movements. For this you can use pin features, this will enhance your controlling power on the cue ball to hit the target more accurately.

Cue balls are the most exclusive section and they increase your chances of winning in the game.  You can boost up your opportunities by acquiring more cue balls. This action might require pool cash, so whenever you have enough money tries to buy pool cash.

Online generator

With the smart moves and skills you can go ahead in 8 ball pool but this may consume your most of the time. In spite of enjoying the game you entire focus shift on the collection of gaming resources. Here there are few options available for you. Either you can spend your real world money and buy in-app purchase. However, this is not advisable when there are lots of players win by using this website.

1-    Online generator is completely safe and free to use any time.

2-    You get your desired gaming resources direct in you gaming account.

3-    It is updated on the regular basis and completely safe for your gaming account.

4-    Many experienced users have already used it and this proves its durability.

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