How to play Free Fire Battleground

Free Fire Battleground is an online survival game which one can play on their Android on iOS devices. It is a strategic game where a lot of shooting and killing of enemies will be encountered. It is a fascinating game where the player will be dropped on an isolated island from a parachute and now he will have to fight for his own survival.

Surviving will be difficult because the island will keep on shrinking and the other 30 competitors will try to kill you. But, you will be provided with various ammunition and vehicles to move towards or away from your enemies. In the beginning, players can select the character and a point from which he wants to start. So let’s see how you can play this Free Fire Battleground game.

Steps for playing this game

In the beginning, you will have to select the character which will have their own unique traits. Select according to your preference and make sure that it is having a proper combination of power, skills and aim and a good look. In the later stages, you can easily customize your character more by adding items from the vault by spending your resources.

You can pick your own fate by picking the position from where you want to start. So the moment you will be dropped from the parachute you will have to survive by fighting enemies. Always try to pick up a place which is less crowded. In the beginning, you can either kill the player or can do some casual hiding. If any other player is coming down on the island after you then you can easily shoot them while they are on their parachute.

Different types of weapons and ammunition and gears will be scattered on the island and you will have to pick one that will help you in surviving. You can also drop some of the resources which you don’t need.

After killing the enemies you can also gather some loot. Upgradation will make your character and ammunitions stronger and will provide you with ample opportunities for unlocking new features.

Always be quick because the island will shrink. Don’t pick the heavy weapons which you can’t control easily. Always pick a weapon which you can easily and uncomfortably use and perform your unique moves with it.

One can also hack free fire battlegrounds¬†for gaining more resources for upgradation. If a player is landing on the island without any strategy then he won’t be able to proceed to higher levels.

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