Simcity Buildit

Simcity Buildit is called as the best simulation game which reveals creativity of children and most likely this game has millions of users. It is rated as 4.4 stars on Google play store and the same rating is given on Apple’s app store. Anyone can download this game and play it because the interface of game is super easy and icon for everything made this easy. The gamer that is playing this game is called as mayor who has to take care of Sims and their needs. The primary currency of this game is Simoleons and the premium one currency is Simcash. There is one more type of currency which open after completing certain level and that is Golden keys. The goal mayor has to pursue while playing Simcity Buildit is to build a Beautiful city.

The Method To Earn Simoleons

The game offers lots of things which help in earning resources like Simoleons but the method to earn Simcash are very few. The easy and simple way of earning Simoleons is getting tax from Sims. The financial advisor help to know that charging how much tax will keep Sims happy. The mayor can charge tax according to his/her wish but Sims start leaving city due to excessive tax. If the city is small and Sims is happy then 8% of tax is right but charging more tax then this will be troublesome. If the population of city is more than 100K and the mayor is fulfilling every wish then 20% of tax can be charged. This much tax is enough to earn good amount of Simoleons.

How To Earn Simcash?

As told before that earning Simcash is hard method but there is still little method by which mayor can earn Simcash. When a user starts playing Simcity Buildit then 50 Simcash is given to him/her. Most of the people spend Simcity Buildit Simcash in wrong places like boosting the construction speed of small buildings but these can be used in buying slots to manufacture more products. The good amount of raw product can help in earning good amount of Simoleons. These Simoleons are used in purchasing new buildings and the experience level keep on increasing.

How To Purchase Simoleons Using Real Money?

If you are willing to spend money on Simcity Buildit to buy virtual currency of this game then you have to use credit card. There isn’t any way by which user can purchase Simoleons so first of all click on Simcash in upper right corner. There are many plans so decide how much you want to spend on it and click on it. Now complete the payment by credit card and the number of Simcash will be transferred in the account and this is the time to convert these into Simoleons so click on Simoleons and convert out Simcash. As a gamer in would like to suggest that Simcity Buildit hack simoleons will be the best option and this way you can save precious money.

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