Tips for mastering the game of Guns of Boom

Guns of the boom is an online action game where you can find a large number of weapons with huge varieties of dynamites. This game was launched in the year 2017 by the “Game insight UAB” in March. This game can be played on both Android and iOS devices. So let’s just see some easy tips for this game.

Basic tips

In this game, you won’t be finding any fire button as all the guns will start to shoot automatically. So your only job is to put the enemy in crosshairs so that the guns can easily target and shoot. But if you are having the intention of controlling everything then you can easily enable the button meant for firing from the settings.

In this game, the headshot damage will have a higher efficiency than any regular shots. If you are lining up for a perfect shot, then it will take you some time, but it will also make sure that the damage is deadly. If you are shot is destructive then it can help you to earn some great points. Even if you are doing a very non-deadly type of headshot, still it can easily multiply your points.

Here you can find that all the teams are competing with each other so that they can earn some extra points. Here the key to getting some extra point is to win all the battles without dying. If you face the double kill, then you will be receiving some 12 points, and if you can dominate your opponent with the triple kill, then you will get some 25 points. So always try to keep the head low so that you won’t die. And always use the killstreaks so that you can put the team in the first lead.

Grenade is the real savior in this game. Have you ever run into your enemy with the sniper rifle? Always throw the grenade on your enemy because here you don’t have to make a proper target and there is no scene of looking into the timer. Wherever you will see any enemy snipers settled in any pillbox then destroyed them with the grenade.

It is very important to play together and maintain unity with the teammates so that you can always stay in proper groups and fight together. If you are planning on winning the game alone, then it is not going to help you. Always try to stick close with all your allies so that you can stay long in this game. You should always keep the shotgunners who will run forward and use the submachine gunner who will cover all the flanks. If you are using the sniper, then it can help you to clear all the enemies  from a long distance easily.

You can also get guns of boom free gold for simplifying this game. Many online regenerators can also help you to get more resources but make sure not to provide any personal details on this websites.

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